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We sell high quality recycled fibres, carpet fibres, texiles, wool carpeting and much more, catering to customers in Sheffield and the surrounding area.

We are buyers, sellers and recyclers of the following types of waste:

  • Textile wipers
  • Clothing
  • Bleached cotton wipers
  • Ecru cotton wipers
  • Coloured cotton wipers
  • Wool carpeting/yarn

This product is either in the form of hanks or on cones of various sizes, colours and qualities including threads and condenser.

Wool Waste

We can offer most types of wool such as knitwear, waste and synthetic clips and fibres.

If you are based in Huddersfield or the surrounding area and have enquiries about the recycled fibres, textiles or carpeting services we have available, please get in touch. Call us on 01484 461 990 or 07894 424 658 to discuss your requirements.