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Based in Huddersfield, Multi Fibres (1995) Ltd offers a confidential clothing and fabric shredding service. We also buy, sell & recycle quality textile, yarn & fabric waste.

Commission Press Package

Commission press packaging is a very common service within the textile and recycling industry. From textiles to fibres, cardboard and polythene, all can be ‘baled’ and compressed. We offer this service to compress and textiles for transportation, storage and shipping to ensure that any materials contained inside are kept as water tight as possible and are protected from damage. We use baling wire to tie our packs, especially as some bales may be as big as 350kgs – 400kgs depending on the type of product.

Confidential Shredding

As part of this specific service, we offer to all our customers a guarantee which states that any items sent into us for shredding and destroying are done so under strict confidential regulations to ensure that the customer's requirements are met and the products are no longer useable.

Garments such as uniforms are fully processed and as much of the waste as possible is sent to be recycled. No waste is ever put into landfill unless absolutely necessary as not all and every type of waste can be 100% recycled. We are currently taking old store uniforms and clothing seconds which are fully destroyed. A small processing charge applies to this service depending on the product and how much of the product there is to be shredded.

So, if you are based in Huddersfield and searching for a reliable clothing shredder, or would like to learn more about the recycled yarn, fabrics and textiles we have available, please get in touch on 01484 461 990 or 07894 424 658.